We understand how important it is to eat healthy and fresh food. You are what you eat! 

We bring you vegetables and fruit straight from our farm to your doorstep.

We deliver three times a week, seasonal, fresh from the fields and without any synthetic additives like pesticides or chemical fertilizer.

100 % organic and natural!

To reduce farm waste and because we know how busy life can get, we offer a seasonal vegetable basket delivery.

You can choose from several basket sizes and tell us your wish list and we check that wish list as much as possible and fill in the rest with seasonal produce.

Every week we will deliver this seasonal vegetable basket straight to your door, without any extra charge! And don’t worry if you are out of town or don’t need vegetables, you can pause or cancel the delivery anytime, as long as it is 48 hours before delivery time! 

Contact us here for your vegetable delivery! 


In addition to our fresh and natural vegetables and fruit we also produce several healthy homemade goodies.  

Coconut Oil: We only use local coconuts from our area for our Virgin Coconut Oil and our Coconut Cooking Oil. We don’t use any added chemicals at any stage of the production process or after. All natural, tasty and healthy. 

Black Garlic: We only use organic single clove garlic for our Black Garlic. Black Garlic is caramelized garlic and has many health benefits. It is rich in antioxidants, an immunity booster, good for digestion and gut, reduces inflammation and is a delicious food seasoning besides! 

Kefir: Our fermented milk is similar to drinkable yoghurt and truly a probiotic powerhouse. It is plain, unsweetened, with no added sugars. It boosts the immune system, balances gut flora, improves digestion, regulates liver and kidney function, benefits lactose intolerance, aids weight loss and has many more health benefits. You can drink it plain (add honey for some sweetness), blend it with fruit of your choice as a Lassie, put it on top of your fruit salad, mix it with Muesli! 


Our spacious beautiful country house is hidden in the highland surrounding the mountain of Batukaru, the second highest mountain in Bali and one of the least touched natural areas in Bali. 

770 meters above sea level and far away from the busy city life it is a perfect getaway for everyone who likes to be surrounded by nature.

It is on a 1 hectare land and directly surrounded by beautiful rice terraces and forests. 

Truly in the middle of the Balinese country side our rustic wooden house is truly a perfect getaway for lovers of nature and an ideal starting base for treks around the area and up the mountain.  

Our cook and housekeeper can provide you with super tasty, healthy and authentic Indonesian food, with organic vegetables straight from our organic farm and ingredients only from the local area.

Our organic farm is only 5 minutes walking distance away and our bakery is even closer. 

You can restore your energy in the middle of nature, go for a beautiful nature walk or trek, learn about organic farming and permaculture or do a baking course.  


We bake healthy bread, cakes, muffins, cookies and many more. 
We also create healthy baby snacks.


We teach and host events in many fields focusing around a healthy and natural lifestyle: 

  • Permaculture

  • Organic Farming

  • Baking

  • Cooking 

  •  Yoga and Meditation

We are especially happy to host school field trips. Kids are the future and our place is ideal to explore nature and learn about sustainable living. 


+62 822 470 325 80

Jl. Bangsing, Batungsel, Pupuan, Batungsel, Pupuan, Bali 82163, Indonesia