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Who We Are

We are a family enterprise from the highlands of Bali, in one of the least touched areas on the island. 

We have been passionately growing organic and healthy produce since 1989, when our farm was originally founded by Iskandar and Darmila Waworuntu. 

We are now lead in the second generation by their daughter Tantri and her husband Simon. 

We are fully committed to help people live a natural, happy and healthy lifestyle. For all of our products we do not use any synthetic additives or chemical preservatives. In addition to ensuring the highest quality of organic produce we also fully commit to sustainable and regenerative farming. 

To care for the people and the planet! 


We grow a wide variety of vegetables. 

Our homemade natural produce include coconut oil, kefir, black garlic and many more.  

We deliver directly to your doorstep.

Our guesthouse welcomes you to an authentic experience of Balinese village life and nature.

Our rustic beautiful country house is located among wide rice-terraces, coffee plantations and forest, with a beautiful view of the second-highest mountain in Bali, Mount Batukaru. 

Our bakery was founded in the early 1990s and makes healthy bread, pies, cakes, muffins, cookies.

We teach and host events, workshops and retreats in various fields: school field trips, permaculture farming, healthy home baking workshops, cooking classes, yoga and meditation retreats and many more. 

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