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When are your delivery days for the farm?

We deliver three times a week: Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

How do i order?

You can order easy directly through Whatsapp

+ 62 812 3902 9996

When is the latest time to order?

You can order until the day before delivery 2.30 pm

How do I settle the payment?

You can pay cash on delivery, via bank transfer to Indonesian account or PayPal.

How much is the delivery fee?

For orders over 250.000 IDR there is only a 30.000 delivery fee.

Do you have a stand or a store?

We do not have a shop down South, to reduce food waste we focus on our home deliveries, straight from the farm to your door. 

But you are more than welcome to visit our farm up in Pupuan and buy the vegetables directly from there  we are open every day 8am - 4pm ! 

What is your Harvest Basket? Can I order customized?

You can either choose all individual / customized items from our product list. Or you can try out one of our preselected Harvest Baskets. 

You can also customize those Harvest Baskets up to your wishes! We are very flexible with that, just ask us via WhatsApp! 

Can I customize my seasonal basket?

Of course you can customize and tell us what you like to have in your basket. You can also order all individual items, as long as the order amount is over 250.000 IDR !

Do you always have everything on the list?

Because we grow organic on our farm in harmony with nature sometimes we don’t always have all products in stock. But we keep our price list always updated and try to always have all of our products available for you!

Do you use any pesticides or synthetic chemicals?

No, we do not use any synthetic pesticides or synthetic chemicals on our farm. The vegetables from our farm are organic, clean and healthy.


We care about your health and wellbeing and our soil. We are passionate about growing healthy and tasty food, while at the same time protecting the environment.  

Why are your prices more expensive than the local market?

We grow the produce on our organic family farm without any synthetical pesticides or synthetical fertilisers. 

We practice sustainable permanent agriculture, which cares for the soil and the environment. 

We pay fair wages to all of our employees. 

We do our best to grow your vegetables for affordable prices, but because of these reasons we can not compete in prices with conventional farms in Bedugul and Java, who use unsustainable agriculture and typically supply the local markets and supermarkets. 

Fair prices for good produce! 

How do I book the farmstay?

You can book your stay in our guesthouse either on Airbnb or directly via WhatsApp.




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